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Years ago, people could only dream of having perfectly white teeth. Many would be willing to go through even the craziest or most outrageous methods just so they could keep their teeth white, from drinking milk which was somehow believed to be a significant factor in maintaining teeth color, or putting a lot of baking soda or powder on teeth and letting it sit there for minutes so that the teeth would appear whiter and generally better than before. However, with the rise of modern technology today, dentists and scientists alike have discovered new, safe, and extremely effective ways to whiten teeth permanently. The coming of new technology for whitening teeth has provided millions of people with an opportunity to be more confident in showing their smiles to the world.

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Smile Arts of NY, currently headed by Dr. Mann, have sought to it that people who entered their clinic and asked for help regarding issues with their teeth were given immediate and effective treatment, while at the same time were ensured that the treatment methods remained free of pain and very comfortable. The latest new technology for whitening teeth that they have introduced in their clinic, called Dental Vibe, aims at making injections painless. Injections that are done for purposes alongside teeth whitening no longer have to be painful thanks to this newly-developed technology which ensures that patients do not feel anything whenever they undergo a dental operation.

Another new technology for whitening teeth called the Zoom WhiteSpeed Lamp promises better-looking teeth as well as no side effects when one undergoes the process. In the past, people had been horrified and have felt that they do not want to undergo teeth whitening again when dentists suggested peroxide whitening, which was a common practice before. Peroxide whitening is basically the process of applying pure peroxide (pure peroxide, if left alone on the teeth, can eventually penetrate the teeth and harm them in the process) on the teeth like it was paint, then letting ultraviolet light dry the paint on the teeth for approximately forty-five minutes until the teeth appear whiter permanently. This process has proven disastrous for some people after they experienced pain hours after the operation, as well as throbbing on the mouth area. The pain was described as so severe that even breathing becomes difficult.

The Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp provides three settings (low, medium, and high; before, you only have “high”). The lamp also emits less heat, which lessens the effects of the light to teeth sensitivity. The system also uses a better bleaching gel which lets peroxide be released gradually unlike before when it was painted on the teeth in pure form. If your teeth are extremely sensitive, or if the color of your teeth is not severe, the exposure to the procedure would typically last twenty minutes at most. For those who need the procedure more, the process could take as long as only thirty-five minutes. Once the bleach is removed from the teeth, a desensitizer that is based on fluoride is applied to ensure that the peroxide would not penetrate the enamel.

With these two new ways of making the process of whitening teeth much easier, people would find it more comfortable and would feel much safer having their teeth cleaned and whitened.