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Being a dentist is among the most rewarding jobs in the world. It is one of those jobs where you actually work with people and help them treat a problem. Another advantage of becoming a dentist is having a substantial income that can help you live a comfortable life.

However, like any other field of work, being a dentist also has its downsides especially to the new dentists. Many dentists actually face really big challenges. Although the big challenge of a new dentist may not be the same for the other, the things pointed out below are just some of the most common challenges they face.

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1. Student loans or debt

Debt and student loans have never changed and still rank as the biggest challenge of a new dentist. Being in dental school and signing off loan documents worth $30,000 is different from graduating school and paying that amount with interest. Some of the new dentists consider this their biggest challenge as this hinders their ability to take home money to spend for themselves and family. The realization that the student loan is a hefty amount of money and needs to be paid makes it all real and difficult to think of. A new dentist may spend a couple of years to pay off their student loans.

2. Choosing a team

In dentistry, having a good team means success. Yes, your expertise isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re out there and waiting for patients. You need a good secretary to keep the patients out of the boredom zone while you are tending one patient, or keep their minds off the teeth fixing process. You also need a professional hygienist who will keep your patients at ease and acknowledged. Although it is important that you are an expert at what you do, it’s also good that you have a team behind you to work with you and help you in dealing with your patients.

3. Setting up the clinic and Lack of equipment

Let this be clear, having new and high tech equipment in your clinic won’t guarantee lots of patients because it truly doesn’t but having the right equipment will help you work easier and better. One of the biggest challenges of new dentists is where to get all the latest equipment that can help them work better. Some of the new dentists find it really hard to invest in new or high tech equipment with the debts and student loans they have to pay.

4. New patients

The question of how to attract patients and have them trust you with their teeth is another big challenge that new dentists face. It’s one thing to do the mechanical aspect of being a dentist but it’s another thing to deal with the trust issues of the patients. Some of them prefer the more experienced dentists out there and if you’re new, it will be a pain to have the trust of new patients. Some people also prefer to entrust their dental health with someone who is already reputable.

Although it’s difficult to point out the biggest challenge of a new dentist, the above points are real and true challenges many dentists face today. Challenges are of course wide ranging and different from person to person. One person may consider one problem as their biggest while it’s easier for others to overcome such challenge. At the end of the day, a new dentist who can focus on the things that can be controlled and give quality service to patients will find it easier to overcome whatever hurdles will come along the way.